Is Sea-Tac One of the Top International Airports?

Sea-Tac International Airport is one of the best airports in the world, and has recently been ranked in the top seven in the country. Excellent parking and shopping, a friendly staff, and a rewards program are just a few of the features that make Sea-Tac stand out from other airports.

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Sea-Tac International Airport Light Rail Systems

The light rail system helps make Sea-Tac International Airport exceptional. It quickly transports passengers from one terminal and series of gates to other areas of the airport.

Sea-Tac also has the Link Light Rail that takes passengers to and from the city of Seattle, and soon to include Tacoma. This light rail system is clean, efficient, and priced well. The public has received completion of this light rail system so well that many commuters use the airport light rail system to travel into downtown Seattle.

From inside the terminal it is easy to find signs directing incoming passengers to the Link Light Rail system. The walkways are wide, well lit, and easy to navigate with baggage. The trip from Sea-Tac to a major part of downtown Seattle takes just under thirty minutes.

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Baggage Pickup Areas and Public Transportation

Sea-Tac has sixteen baggage pickup carrousels. The baggage area is close to all the airport shuttle and Sound Bus departure lanes. Following the signs to the Light Link rail system it is possible to board the light rail or King County bus system. All car rental agencies are located together away from the terminal but there are more than enough fast and efficient car rental shuttle vans waiting to zip you to the car rental agency area. Parking at Sea-Tac is fairly priced with covered long- and short-term parking available.

Airport Access and Vehicle Movement

The access roads to Sea-Tac have been modified so that access to the airport is easy and seamless from the Interstate Highway 5, located nearby. Most everyone making departure drop-offs or making arrival pick-ups agrees the roads to and from the terminals are well marked with signs that are easy to follow.

Shuttle Buses and Hotel Vans have their own special loading areas, which greatly reduces traffic congestion for passengers in cars.

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Shopping and Restaurants

There are great shops in the Sea-Tac Terminals, and souvenirs are available from all over the Pacific Northwest. From smoked salmon to Seattle Seahawks sports gear there are many items to choose from. There is also a wide range of restaurants, fit for every budget. Travelers with enough time can enjoy fresh seafood at one of Seattleā€™s best restaurants. For travelers in a rush, each series of gates have quick snack food areas and counters for coffee. Bookstores are found both before and after five security check areas. There are several duty free stores located in the International departures area.

Extras and Cultural Treatments

Wi-Fi Internet connection is free at the Sea-Tac International Terminal. This is a much-appreciated feature. There are also several great art points and sculptures that cause visitors and travelers to stop, admire, and discuss. These are great places for people watching, when you have the time. The restrooms are even unusual at Sea-Tac because most stalls are large enough to allow you to bring your luggage with you. This is great for changing clothing or reducing the worry about someone running off with your luggage.

It is unlikely you will have any problems at Sea-Tac with security. The security staff is friendly and efficient, as well as firm about what visitors must do. The entire airport is designed so that you keep your baggage with you right up to the point of check in. That way, if any stray baggage is noticed it is promptly whisked away.

The entire staff of Sea-Tac International Airport is friendly to a fault. They are always there to help wayward travelers and are appreciated by even the most harried airline passengers.

If you have a choice of landing points when traveling you can rest assured your travel through the Sea-Tac International Airport will be enjoyable.


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