Fun Choices for Accommodation in the UK

The UK is a fantastic place to visit, the weather in summer is warm and pleasant, its inhabitants pleased that the long winters are over are in good spirits and everyone is enjoying the many stunning areas of the British Isles that we have to enjoy. In the winter months many areas are turned into a snowy winter wonderland not out of place on a Christmas card, ideal for curling up in front of a log fire and enjoying a quintessentially English cup of tea!

The recent Royal Wedding has produced an increased sense of national pride and if visitors wish to enjoy a similar feeling of Royalist celebrations, the Queens Diamond Jubilee is being celebrated with a long weekend and extra bank holiday from 2nd to 5th June 2012.

If that wasn’t enough, London will of course be host to the 2012 Olympic games, when the capital will come alive with visitors, new attractions, food outlets and plenty of fun for the whole family.

With now being an even better time than ever to book your holiday to the UK, here are some great accommodation in the UK alternatives to the standard hotel:


The craze sweeping the UK currently is ‘glamorous camping’ or, glamping. Camping often conjures up memories of holidays you spent as a child with your parents in a leaky tent doing without all of the things from home you so desperately needed to cope day to day.

But glamping takes all the fun of sleeping in the great outdoors and takes away all the bad parts like an uncomfortable night’s sleep and terrible toilet facilities.

There are glamping sites all over the UK including beautiful coastal regions such as Cornwall and Northumberland, offering its visitors immaculate accommodation and more facilities you could ever imagine were even possible in a campsite.

Bed and Breakfasts

Bed and Breakfasts are a British institution, the perfect accommodation choice if you are looking for something with a more personal touch than a hotel.

You are essentially staying in the owners home so there are more restrictions than if you were staying in a hotel, such as there may be a curfew that you have to be home for, but if late nights aren’t for you the personal touch a B&B offers can be a huge advantage.

B&B owners take a real pride in their work and so will go that extra mile to make sure you have a pleasant stay with local advice on the nearby attractions and home cooked food.


Castles can be the perfect place to stay to enjoy some of the UKs vast history; many have been painstakingly renovated to provide fantastic accommodation without losing any of their authenticity.

If you are interested in British history you can research the castle you are staying in to see if any historical figures have been there before you and some even claim to be the residence of something a little more other worldly.

Many castles have their own ghost stories and if you want to you can sleep in their ‘haunted’ rooms, obviously not the accommodation of choice for the faint hearted! For those you aren’t as interested in ghost stories, castles also provide a great back drop for a romantic break with many situated in areas of  stunning natural beauty.

However you choose to spend your break in the UK, whether travelling from overseas or from another part of the UK itself it is essential you take out an adequate holiday insurance policy.

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