Comedy Scene in Edinburgh

The comedy scene in Edinburgh is supported by many hotels in this city. Most hotels provide a free shuttle service to Edinburgh City Center. Below is a listing of the top comedy venues to patronize when visiting Edinburgh.

Usher Hall, Edinburgh, Scotland

Usher Hall

Usher Hall is located at Edinburgh City Center. They offer regular Thursday night comedy and feature some of the most hilarious comedians ever to perform in the Edinburgh area. Beginning March 15th, the venue will be spotlighting comedian Andrew Lawrence.

The Stand

The Stand is located at Edinburgh City Center. They offer a courtyard setting and are known for their cold beer, tasty food, and best of all, for their feature comedy. The Stand is open seven nights a week and they offer some of the best comedy performers in the world. The Stand runs three clubs in the Edinburgh area. The other two clubs are in Newcastle and Glasgow.

Queen’s Hall

Queen’s Hall is the home of the Scottish Chamber Orchestra. It also provides a wide range of musical events which include: classical, rock, jazz, blues, pop, and folk bands. It also provides a comedy production. In the summer months they host events for the Edinburgh International Festival. They include The Edinburgh Festival Fringe and The Edinburgh Jazz and Blues Festival. Queen’s Hall provides an open bar for all concert activities.

Courtyard at The Pleasance

The Pleasance

The Pleasance is a live music theater that incorporates dance, film festivals, comedy and club nights. The Pleasance is mostly frequented by university students, However it is open to everyone. Upcoming events include:

* The Edinburgh revue show. There is free admission to this show. Tickets will be available on April 6th.


Jongleurs is the largest nightclub in Edinburgh. This club is known for it’s hospitality and party hosting. People from around the world visit the nightclub when celebrating their birthdays and for other special occasions. They offer dancing, eating, drinking and comedy performances in the same atmosphere. Shows run every Friday and Saturday night. Jongleurs books some of the best comedians in the country. They are located at 3 West Toll-Cross, Edinburgh, EH3 9BO.

Jekyll and Hyde

Jekyll and Hyde offers a comedy act which incorporates a hint of darkness for flavor. Doors open every Saturday at 9:30 p.m. Tickets are available at the door. You may call 0131-225-2022 for further information. Jekyll and Hyde is located at 112 Hanover Street in Edinburgh.


Located at the Omni, Highlight showcases some of the best live entertainment. You may experience the White Christmas Extravaganza. It is a comedy Christmas adventure that one will not soon forget. Friday and Saturday nights are booked by some of the funniest comedians in the World. They offer a delightful menu, and have the best drinks in town.

The Edinburgh Playhouse

The Edinburgh Playhouse

The Edinburgh Playhouse is known for their musical performances. This venue offers an assortment of plays. They are located at 18-22 Green-side Place in Edinburgh. You may call them at 0131-524-3333 for further information or visit their website to get current production listings.

Bedlam Theater

The Bedlam Theater is a regular comedy by the Improver-ts. The Improver-ts is the longest running Improv troupe and shows run every Saturday night at 10:30 p.m. They are located at 11b Bristol Place, Edinburgh, EH1-1EZ. You may contact them at 0131-225-9873 for further information.


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