A Rough Guide to Bermuda

Perhaps you have heard of the place, the myth and the legend. Bermuda is a place full of mystery for me. Aside from all those stories of missing planes with no follow-up details on how they disappeared, this place is definitely intriguing from all the characteristics that you can find the moment you landed with your feet on its ground.

Bermuda Causeway

Bermuda is not a country but it’s rather considered to be a territory of the United Kingdom. Now despite its image being a mysterious vortex that was said to claim lives from lots of shipwrecks and aircraft, it’s actually a great place to getaway from the busy city life. If you are one of those people who are daring enough to try for an adventure of a lifetime, then Bermuda is definitely calling out your name.

But before you get excited to visit this island, it’s best to be prepared and aware of the things that you will encounter in Bermuda. The first thing that you should do is to check on the weather. Never go here during the rainy season because the weather in this place can be really crazy. It’s best that you come here during the summer when it’s at least safe from the threats of hurricanes.

Beaches in BermudaSo enough of me scaring you to see this place when it’s actually a gorgeous island! I have got to be honest that their beaches are absolutely captivating. The underground caves are even more enthralling! The great thing about coming here is that it is worth the risk. If you dared yourself to be brave enough to face all those threats then you’re in for some great treat because Mother Nature will surely show you how beautiful she is through this wonderful island.

Bermuda is not just about the beaches where I am going to tour you a bit later. I want you to know as well that if you feel like becoming the next Tiger Woods, then Bermuda is absolutely the perfect place for you to practice your stance, your swing and your grip and yes I’m talking about GOLF! Here you will find a LOT of golf courses. This form of recreation is pretty huge in this island and the players are actually taking it seriously that they even hold annual golf cups. The demographics are mostly people in the corporate world trying to relax and chill out from their busy life at the stocks and high-rise buildings.

Now I know that you are after the pink sand and clear waters of the Bermuda. And just your luck because I am in the mood to make a review of their top beaches that you should check out!

For your first stop, I’d recommend that you hit the longest beach that you will find in Bermuda, which is the Warwick Long Bay. The ocean is enticing and if you love long walks as you are hand in hand with your special someone, then this is the best especially if you want that moment to be endless.

If you’re looking for some exciting water sport in the island, then you have got to check out Nine Beaches at Sandy’s Parish. Go have fun with a jet ski and even parasailing! Moreover, if you’re the type who wants to discover life underwater; then Church Bay is for you because this is the perfect snorkelling spot in the island.

If you will be traveling with your family and kids, the Jobson’s Cove is where you should go because the children are safe to swim in very shallow water. It’s really ideal for family trips so don’t be surprised to actually see lots of children having fun building castles on the sand.

Horseshoe Bay

And now for my favourite and number 1 beach resort in Bermuda, it’s none other than Horseshoe Bay! If you want luxury and really amazing view, here is where you should go. It’s actually Bermuda’s finest and even hundreds of international magazines would agree with me as they often feature this beach on their pages.

So I guess I have redeemed the image of the Bermuda being a scary place to go to. With its enthralling beach resorts alone, this place is considered to be a paradise! So don’t let the fear of the myths keep you from seeing the world. All you need to do is just be careful and be ready to take a risk.

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