5 Exciting Places for Fun in London

Whether you’re a first time visitor or a seasoned London local, there are plenty of breathtaking activities just outside the front door that you may be missing. From iconic avenues to world class performances, the region is alive with art, comedy and culture. Here’s an eye opening look at some of the most exciting activities available to those who have the pleasure of stepping foot in this historical city.
London Skyline

Visit a Pub

The European pub tradition is in shining form in England’s capital. Take time out and see what all the fuss is about. Whether it’s one of a kind brews that suit your fancy, or hearing legends told first hand by those who’ve lived them, sharing a pint in some of the best pubs in the world can be an experience that tantalizes a multitude of senses. London’s pubs range from artisan to historical, and there are few better ways to spend an evening.

Enjoy a Night at the Theater

A live performance in the West End is an excellent way to experience the arts. LiveĀ theaterĀ is both interactive an entertaining. This district plays host to some of the most popular and longest running musicals of our time. Visitors can find something for the whole family, or venture into the more obscure, with some of the groundbreaking work that takes place away from the better known theatre venues like arts theatre London.

London Eye

Take a Ride on THE Ferris Wheel

Now a staple of London, and a landmark recognized worldwide, the London Eye is the only place to get breathtaking views of every corner of the city. From inside the futuristic pods, curious eyes can locate their favorite neighborhoods, see what the queen is up to or simply enjoy the solitude among the clouds. On a good day, taking a ride during sunset can make for a life altering experience.

Partake in History at the Changing of the Guard

The changing of the guard is an event not to be missed, and for lucky spectators, it happens every day during the summer months at 11:30 am. This classic spectacle goes hand in hand with a visit to the royal palace. If time allows, visit the Guards Museum to learn first hand what all the fuss is about.

Go Shopping, London-Style

London’s influential pop culture history makes it a great place for bagging a one of a kind souvenir. Find a throwback outfit in the city’s many vintage shops where authentic couture can be purchased off the hangers. The breeding grounds for many of the most significant rock legends of all time also means dynamite pickings throughout London’s record stores.

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