4 Things You Should Never Forget When Travelling

Travelling is fun and enjoyable. I should know. I try to do it as often as I can. I travel to a different country or city every other month. And I schedule my trips months in advance. I buy tickets and book everything beforehand. This way I am able to set my mind and I don’t allow any last minute changes to cancel my trips. I’ve found that doing so gives me something to look forward to. And on those trips I have found 4 things that are must haves.

Here are 4 things you should never forget when travelling.

Money. It can be in the form of cash or credit. I’ve found that it is best to bring both. Money is invaluable because if you have it you can buy everything else. With money you can get  around faster. It is always a good idea to have loose change. That way when you have to pay the taxi or give a tip you won’t have to pull out the big bucks. When travelling to a foreign country don’t forget to use their currency. You can have your money swapped at the money changer before you leave your country.

Passport. When travelling to a foreign country never ever leave your passport at the hotel. Bring it with you wherever you go. You will be able to travel faster and more safely this way. There are some countries that treat foreigners with no passports as a threat. You wouldn’t want to be subjected to this would you? So before going sight seeing secure your passport first.

Cell phone. With the technological advances these days you can contact anyone with just one click of a button on your cellular phone. Any emergencies can be taken cared of by dialing a hotline number. You can also access the net on your phone so you can constantly check your email or update your Twitter account while on a trip.

Camera. They say that memories are priceless. Pictures are a great way to capture beautiful memories. With a camera on hand you can document every part of your trip. Then when you get back home you can immediately upload your photos on Facebook. Or you can have your best photograph printed out and framed.

When going on a trip you may think that you need to bring a million things. But before you start packing make sure that you have these 4 must haves. Have a happy trip!

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